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Would you rather have a bushel of fresh food waiting for you when you get home, or fight the crowds at the grocery store and many markets? Most of us don't have the time to do it right, and end up avoiding it altogether. Farmhouse Delivery includes some of the best selections in your area, so it's easier than multiple trips to the grocery or farmer's markets – saving time and money. Along with local meat, dairy, eggs and baked goods, it's a worthy convenience that supports your health and your community.


Better Food is Better for You

When fruits and vegetables are harvested at the right time, they retain more of their nutrients and flavor. They taste better and provide the health benefits they should. Most grocery store produce is cut too early so that it can travel, often around the world, before it reaches you. Farm-to-table delivery ensures that you get the most fresh, nutritious produce available. As the seasons change, you stay connected with the local harvest throughout the year – and we can bring it all right to your doorstep.


Connect with the Land

At our core, Farmhouse Delivery believes in the joy of supporting local sustainable agriculture, and fostering good community around it. We connect you with farmers and ranchers in your area who treat our land – and its resources – with the utmost respect. We connect you with other members through happy hours, pot lucks at farms and special events. Throughout the year, we also host cooking classes, farm tours, chef and farmer lectures. We believe in cultivating a deeper appreciation of where our food comes from – for the health and well-being of our bodies and our communities.

Our Members Say...

"Oh, my. I am so pleased. I ate the little red tomato upon unloading my box, with just a sprinkle of sea salt and a smear of olive oil. I'd forgotten what tomatoes are supposed to taste like. Yum! Then I tried a carrot. I ate half of them before they ever made it to the refrigerator. I made Korean BBQ with my pork belly last night with Asian stir-fried kale. These are the BEST vegetables I've ever tasted. Thank you!"

- Jan


"Thank you and everyone over at Farmhouse for what you do. We work crazy hours and a fair distance from civilization, and you basically keep us from having to hit the grocery store and wade through all the conventional muck. I feel like we are delivered a local farmers market every Tuesday and to be honest, it is what I've always hoped for."  
- Cheryl


"I just wanted to take a minute and say thank you so much for the lovely gift of the bushel over the last year. It has felt like a gift of sustaining nourishment during the greatest challenge of my life. I was reminded of life, love and the goodness of people when I received my bushel every other week. You are doing God's work and I thank you for it."

- Tabitha  

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