Supper Club

Cook for your family like you just went to the Farmer’s Market

Based around seasonal cooking, our weekly-changing menu items showcase the best of local proteins and seasonal fruits and vegetables. Meals like coffee-rubbed Augustus Ranch Cattle Co. skirt steak with Farmhouse Kitchen chimichurri, Windy Meadows Farm chicken tenders with house made honey mustard, and slow cooker red beans and rice are made easy for you and your family to enjoy.

*A $20 one-time membership fee will be applied upon start of service

How it works

On a weekly basis, you’ll receive the proteins, vegetables, sauces, spices, and a recipe to create a complete meal in under an hour. The cost is $11.99 per serving. That means you can mix and match (i.e. 2 servings of one menu item and 2 servings of another).

You’ll get a new menu every Sunday morning, when you can select your favorite meals. Out of town or unable to receive Supper Club the next week? All you have to do is click a button to skip your delivery that week.

Frequently Asked Questions

I added the Supper Club Membership to my cart - what's next?
Supper Club memberships typically take about a week to manually process, so although you will not be eligible for a delivery of meals the week you register, you can make selections for the next available ordering period after your request has been processed. The Supper Club Membership is an administrative placeholder item, which is why it is labelled as $0. This is to ensure you do not incur any Supper Club expenses before you are a registered member. When your membership has been processed, you will receive an email titled, "Welcome to Supper Club!" - make sure to check your spam folder!

To cancel a membership request, please email

How do I place my order?
Each Sunday, you will receive an email in advance of the next week's delivery, always one full week ahead, which can be anywhere from 10-13 days, depending on your weekly delivery day. This email will contain a menu and order form of 4 meal options. You will place your order through that form by clicking the link at the bottom of the menu. Make sure to check your spam/promotions folder for the menu and add to your address book.

What is the order deadline?
Supper Club orders must be place by Tuesday night at midnight the week before delivery. 

Will I receive meals every week?
Yes, Supper Club is a weekly service. Unless you choose to "skip" a week and denote that skip in the online form, you will receive meals.

What if I want to skip a certain week or am going to vacation?
If you would like to skip a week, you can do so via the same form in which you place your order. 

What if I forget to order and also forget to skip?
If you do not place an order or skip via the form by Tuesday morning at midnight, a minimum of 4 servings of our choice will be defaulted to your account. 

What if I have a last minute change/ need to cancel an order?
Please feel free to reach out to us at We will do our best to accommodate your request. All changes and cancellations MUST be placed/requested by the normal order delivery cutoff of 10am, 2 days before your scheduled delivery.

What if I have specific dietary or serving quantity needs?
Please let us know of any food allergies or dietary needs to add to your default notes, as well as how many servings you would like to be defaulted beyond the minimum and how you would like those allocated. (i.e. 6 servings of 1 meal or 2 servings of 2 meals, etc.).

What do I get with my meal kit?
Each meal kit contains all the ingredients to make the dish, along with a detailed recipe and storage instructions. You only supply the cookware, salt, pepper, olive oil and appetite!

What is the cost per serving?
Supper Club meals are $11.99 per serving, sold in increments of 2.

Do meals ever sell out?
Yes. Try to order early, as we only have a certain amount of each meal to offer and meals can sometimes sell out very quickly!

How do I let you know how much I loved my meals?
We never get tired of your feedback! Each week's menu and order form will include a spot for feedback on your past meals.

What happens if I remove the "Member:SC" item from my cart?
The item labeled "Member:SC" and priced $0 and is used by our Supper Club team for reporting purposes only and has no impact on your deliveries or membership. Removing this item with NOT remove you from Supper Club, but we would appreciate it if you kept it in your cart. :)


"Yum! Tasted so fresh! Freshest mushrooms I have ever eaten! Great flavor and easy to make!"

"So so happy with this service in general! With a second baby under one in the house there is no way we'd be eating this well without Farmhouse Delivery. Everything is fresh and easy and delicious. It's keeping us sane. Thank you!"

"Loved that this could be done in the crock pot. Made it so easy. Loved the pickled veggies with it. The rice was also amazing."

"This was the best ground beef I've ever tasted. "

"Super easy and very flavorful. Anytime there is aioli it is amazing!"
"The steak was so tender! This was such a nice dinner for summer with the coolness from the veggies & noodles. It was easy for everyone to assemble their favs, so it was a hit w the whole family."

"We absolutely felt like this was the best salad we ever had!"

"Beef was perfectly spiced and the panzanella salad was excellent!"

"What a fantastic, unique stir-fry! I loved the use of eggplant and long beans, have never cooked with long beans before- they were So good! The shiitake sauce was so savory and delicious, made the dish complex and interesting. I am so glad I ordered 4 servings of it, our guests raved about it, even the day after they ate it!"

"OMG - SOOO tasty! The flavor was amazing!"

"So good! It's a great combination of ingredients. It started with a wonderful salad mix, not to mention the tasty toppings like pecans, chicken, apples & blue cheese. We really enjoy summer salads!" 

"Perfect answer to comfort food take out with enough for lunch leftovers hurrah!"

"Very flavorful. A little kick but not too much to where the kids wouldn't eat it. Perfect meal for the entire family!!"

"Soo good. We love finding vegetarian meals that are different. The watermelon salad was amazing."

"I served this to friends and three of us agreed these are some of the Best sandwiches- vegetarian and non-veg- that we've ever had! The fig pesto is nothing short of genius. The creamer peas seemed to be roasted or something, they had such a complex, delicious flavor on their own, let alone in the patty. The zucchini and chevre were just nice finishing touches, icing on the proverbial cake. My one friend who swears she hates goat cheese swore the chevre was not goat-y and couldn't understand why she liked it, ha! So glad I ordered extra servings of this one!"