Farmhouse Meal Kits Are Truly Unique

Locally Sourced

All Meal Kit ingredients come from Texas farmers and ranchers with organic growing methods and the highest animal welfare standards.

Quality You Can Taste

With locally sourced produce, proteins, and sauces, the flavor of our Meal Kits outshine other meal kits on the market.


All of our unique sauces are hand-made by a small team of in-house chefs, never in mass-production factories.

Zero Waste

All of our packaging can be reused or recycled, keeping your trash bins (and your eco-friendly conscience) clear.

Simply add a meal kit subscription to your cart below. Note that you can pause or cancel your subscription at any time.

Once meal kits are added to your cart, you can select which recipes you want to receive.  Or, sit back and relax while we select meals for you and deliver them each week.

You can add items to your meal kit subscription anytime from our marketplace, too. 
Meal Kits
Meal-kits from Farmhouse Delivery come with everything you need to create delicious meals quickly. Sourced from all local, organic, and sustainably produced foods, these kits make it easy to enjoy a farm to table restaurant in your own home. Click Here to See Meal Kit Recipes

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