How it works

Inspired by the Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) model, we offer a subscription to the farmers’ market in the form of a box of vegetables delivered to your door. We call it a bushel. It’s easy to start:
  1. Make an account here.
  2. Select your bushel size and delivery frequency (Weekly, Every-Other Week)
  3. Shop our site to complement your bushel with staples like bread, milk and eggs.
  4. Relax. We deliver.
In exploring the Farmhouse Delivery website you might have the following questions :

What is the cost of membership?

There is a one-time $20 fee to set up your deliveries but once you are a member you are always a member and you needn't worry about any recurring member dues.

What are the different subscription options

Choose your plan from the following. You can either:

1. Sign up for a Bushel: Farmhouse Bushels are comprised of the freshest seasonal fruits and veggies that Texas farms have to offer. Bushel offerings change weekly. 
Select weekly or bi-weekly (every 2 week) delivery of either a:
Large Bushel (9-11 pieces of produce for $39) / or / Medium Bushel (5-7 pieces of produce for $27) 

*With either the bushel or Supper Club subscriptions you are eligible to order any other available items from our market page just by having one of those items in your cart. 
You can designate up to 3 vegetable dislikes on your account. For any additional produce/dietary preferences, please email our customer service team at and we will add long-standing notes to your account.To personalize your bushel from week to week, you can leave notes for our pack room in the order notes section for each delivery. 

- and/or -

2. Join the Supper Club: Each week you will receive your choice of a local-sourced meal kit. Sourced from all local, organic, and sustainably produced foods--these kits will provide you everything you need to be a farm to table restaurant in your own home. To learn more about the Supper Club and pricing, please click here:  Farmhouse Delivery Supper Club.

To sign up for Supper Club service, please select the Supper Club Membership registration option.

- or -

3. Order a-la-carte:
 With this option you will be able to shop for ANY items available on our market place. Please note your order minimum must be $75. To keep your service active, we would recommend placing at least 1 order within a month's time. If you would like this option, please let us know by phone or email so we can modify your customer account accordingly.

How many people does a bushel serve?
The Full Bushel should serve 3-4, and the Half Bushel should serve 1-2 people.

Where does the produce come from?

Always Texas, no exceptions. Most comes from farms within 150 miles of Austin. We venture a little further out for specialty items like citrus, avocados, apples and mangoes. Even so, we stay within the great state of Texas!
To get started, simply click the JOIN NOW button at the top of the page and our site will guide you through the process.

Sizes & Timing

The Large bushel does well for households of 3-4 or a very industrious single chef. If you cook for a family every day, consider a large bushel each week.


The Medium bushel works well for 1-2 people. If it’s just you and a partner or housemate, and you cook 2-3 times per week, the medium bushel would probably suit you well.


Your bushel comes automatically, according to your frequency settings. You can change that under “My Account”.


You can also add items to your order like granola, kombucha or cheese, that we’ll deliver just once, every week or twice a month. So if you want eggs (or anything else) every week, just set them to “recurring” and select a frequency. 

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