We believe in the people who grow good food. Our buying team builds real relationships with small, hardworking family farms, ranchers, and food artisans who align with our mission of regenerative food production. Whether it’s local or from farther afield, the food we deliver to your door is the best there is, period.

How are our sourcing standards different?
LOCAL FIRST. Our buyers start hyper-local and expand out to find the best of the best. When we have to look further than our great state of Texas to find items not available locally, we partner with thoroughly-vetted vendors that meet the same guidelines we apply to our local producers.

WE BELIEVE IN COMMUNITY. Whether supporting a farm, rancher, producer, non-profit or restaurant, our mission is rooted in community. We're always on the lookout for best-in-class artisan products and category innovators to round out our product offering.

REAL FOOD. No artificial ingredients, colors, preservatives or sweeteners - ever. We believe in whole food ingredients that you and your family can pronounce.  

HAPPY ANIMALS RAISED WITH CARE. Our meat-production guidelines insist on humane practices - pasture-raised, grass-fed, and no added hormones or antibiotics. We practice whole-animal processing for many of our meats, meaning they arrive at our warehouse directly from the farm, and we prepare each cut right here in-house. 

We want you to know exactly where your food comes from. We make farm visits and create relationships with our vendors to ensure everyone shares our standards. Want a closer look? Check out our monthly vendor spotlights on our blog for interviews and information straight from the source. 


Farmhouse Delivery has been delivering and supporting Texas farmers since 2009.

Stephanie Scherzer co-founded the company with the vision of connecting communities with their land and making local food more accessible. Her love of farming and passion for sustainable living guide Farmhouse Delivery’s mission and its dedicated staff. She has more than twenty years of experience in horticulture – managing John Dromgoole's The Natural Gardener nursery and working for a design-build landscape company. She’s eager to help others cultivate a deeper understanding of where food comes from and empower them to be a part of the process. Stephanie and her partner Kim Beal also own and operate Rain Lily Farm, which provides nutritious food for their family and contributes to Farmhouse Delivery bushels. As a farmer and a mother, Stephanie believes in the benefits of small-scale urban farming and is a proud and active part of the Austin Urban Farms group.

We deliver local, fresh, seasonal, and organically farmed produce to your door weekly or bi-weekly, depending on your preference.
Meal kit subscriptions offer the ultimate in convenience. We make it easy to create farm-to-table, restaurant-quality meals in about 30 minutes.
We offer pasture-raised, locally sourced meat, dairy, and more, all available to add-on to your subscription or a la carte order of $49.50 or more.

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