Local & Organic Produce Delivered

Taste The Difference

All our local produce is harvested at peak ripeness and travels only a short distance between the farm and your front door so the produce you receive is nutrient-dense and incomparably delicious.

Support Local Farmers

By choosing a produce subscription box, you are not only supporting local farmers, you are also helping them plan their crops, leading to less waste and more of the fruits and veggies you love most.


We try to reduce waste wherever we can. We utilize reusable bins and bags with each delivery. You will be charged a $9.99 one time reusable bin/bag fee to help limit waste where we can.

Simplify Life

When you order a subscription, delicious produce shows up at your doorstep every week. When you're away, you can easily skip deliveries or put your orders on vacation hold.

produce box Benefits:
Support local farmers!

Access hand-selected produce picked at the top of the season.

Enjoy occasional bonus items to sample including new products or extra produce.

Simplify life; subscriptions take no work to maintain and you can skip at any time!

Now fully customizable! Mix & match the fruits and vegetables in any of our produce boxes to build it just the way you want. 

tips for using your produce box

Keep your produce as fresh as possible with these tips for storing fruits and vegetables

Check out our recipes, updated each week specific to the current week's produce box

Snack on raw veggies, either plain or with a dip such as hummus

Make a salad (at least one head of lettuce is included in every Local Produce Box)

Roast, pan-fry, steam, boil veggies and add spices to create delicious side-dishes

Make a soup by simply adding stock or make it a more filling meal by adding proteins like beans, lentils or meat

Make a quick curry with the simple addition of a house-made sauce

Make a veggie stock by boiling up every bit of the leftovers from your produce box

If you still have produce left, be a hero by sharing the love of food with family, friends, and co-workers


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