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Peeler Farms
Floresville, TX
Peeler Farms
Floresville, TX
Raised right on green grass and good grain, Peeler Farms succulent, beautifully marbled, Wagyu beef is a favorite of chefs and meat lovers throughout Texas. The Peeler Family owns their cattle from birth through finish and processes them at their own USDA processing facility, ensuring complete quality control. The Wagyu cattle come from the highest-quality lineages, benefit from ethical breeding and humane treatment, and are never fed hormones or antibiotics.

Peeler Farms is a small family business. Marianna Peeler personally chooses each cut of meat for her clients. Not only have the cattle been raised by her husband and children, she's the one taking your order. If you care about individual attention to every detail, you understand Peeler Farms.

The Peeler Family has been in the cattle business for over 110 years in South Texas. In 2007, Marianna and Jason decided to introduce the Wagyu and Akaushi breeds into their cattle herd. In 2014, the decision was made to specialize in just beef. Peeler Farms Wagyu has been their focus ever since.

Animal husbandry and land stewardship is the top priority of a rancher, and for Peeler Farms. Without a healthy, clean environment the animals cannot get the nourishment they need to thrive. When asked, the Peelers commonly refer to themselves as 'grass farmers', because it is the foundation of the entire operation. All animals are on a rotational grazing system, which helps maintain the soil to grow lush grasses. In addition to native grass, their livestock are fed healthy, local grains specially formulated by an animal nutritionist, and blended at their feed mill. Did you know the Peelers buy all their grains from fellow farmers within 150 miles of the farm? Not only does this benefit Peeler Farms, but it also helps local farmers ensure a buyer for their crops!

All of their cattle are harvested in their USDA processing facility just 7 miles from the farm, Dean & Peeler Meatworks. Their customers can truly see the quality of their products; a quality level that can only come from personal attention to detail in each step of the process. Their hands-on approach ensures the whole animal, nose to tail, is utilized as much as possible..
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