44 Farms
Cameron, TX
44 Farms
Cameron, TX
44 Farms was founded in 1909 by Sherwood and Josie McClaren, great grandparents of current owner Bob McClaren. For nearly a century, 44 Farms produced crops and raised cattle. Bob has fond memories of visiting his grandparents on the family farm during his childhood. When the opportunity arose for Bob to run 44 Farms, he jumped at the chance and brought together some of the finest cattlemen and range and production managers in the business.

44 Farms not only produces the finest steaks, but is also recognized as one of the premier Black Angus producers in the country. It is a working ranch, not a factory. The ranchers here know and evaluate every animal they raise - and they know the land and its capabilities.

44 Farms manages for sustainability. By emphasizing livestock health and responsible pasture management, they improve both. Cattle help maintain the pasture's natural balance; in turn, the diverse grasses combine to provide top-notch nutrition for the grazing cattle.
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