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Greener Pastures Chicken
Elgin, TX
Greener Pastures Chicken
Elgin, TX
Greener Pastures Chicken combines expertise in organic agriculture, poultry science, and livestock nutrition to bring the highest-quality and most ethical pasture-raised chicken. The chickens live an outdoor lifestyle with full access to sunshine and fresh air in Elgin, Texas, spending their days foraging for bugs and critters. In their support of biodiversity and a nature-driven ethos, Greener Pasture's regenerative farm integrates sustainable practices, builds healthy soils, and maintains a diverse collection of native grasses and plants to ensure a wealth of microorganisms.

Managed under the guidelines of the USDA National Organic Program, but implementing practices that go well beyond the minimum required by the USDA. We're proud to partner with Greener Pastures Chicken to bring you Texas raised and harvested, certified USDA Organic chicken.
Produced by Greener Pastures Chicken
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