Veldhuizen Farm
Dublin, TX
Veldhuizen Farm
Dublin, TX
Growing up on a dairy farm in Minnesota equipped Stuart with a deep knowledge of the land and a love for cows. His dissatisfaction with trends in commercial dairying led him to create a small family-run dairy in 2000, along with his wife Connie and their seven children.
They started with only 20 baby calves, and have grown to offer more than 15 varieties of farmstead raw milk artisan cheese. From raising the cows to wrapping and shipping the cheese to you, they handle it all. Using raw milk means their milk is neither pasteurized nor homogenized. Some heating is necessary for the cheese-making process, and they never heat milk above the temperature that it naturally comes from the cow.
It’s the traditional way cheeses have been made for centuries – free of artificial ingredients, flavor additives, colorings or preservatives. You won’t find any orange cheese here! They use vegetable-based rennet and natural Redmond Real Salt. With expertise, experience, and heart, the family makes original and authentic natural cheese for their family and yours. It was a dream that, with hard work and persistence, became a reality.
Produced by Veldhuizen Farm
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