Wackym's Kitchen
Dallas, TX
Wackym's Kitchen
Dallas, TX
Wackym's Kitchen has been sharing sweetness and cookie love since October 2008. They first started selling their cookies at local farmer's markets in the Dallas-Ft Worth area where their customers came to buy the original five flavors. To their great surprise and delight, in all sorts of weather (the hottest days of summer to the coldest, wettest days of winter), week after week, the customers came, tasted, and took away treats.
Over the years, they began selling through retailers to help spread the sweetness, and they now share cookie love throughout Texas and beyond. Wackym's operates out of their own dedicated kitchen located in Dallas, Texas and produces crispy cookies that are all made from real butter, cane sugar, and unbleached/unbromated flour. At Wackym's Kitchen, only fresh ingredients with no artificial flavorings or preservatives are used.
Produced by Wackym's Kitchen
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